How To Be Sorry

Apologies are never genuine. You were well aware of what you were doing when you did it. So why apologize? Yeah, I said it. You’re apologizing only as a formality. And people try to play it off like they had no idea how it happened. I did it without thinking I don’t know what came […]

How To Be Sorry

Cosy Killer: The Murder Mystery Subscription Box

Cosykiller is not just a subscription box! Cosykiller is a storyline — with each box packed with clues, keepsakes, ciphers, and mementos to review and unravel to solve a murder.

Cosy Killer: The Murder Mystery Subscription Box

Elizabeth Hurley, 54, Stuns In A Turquoise Blue Bikini During At-Home Photo Shoot — Hollywood Life

Elizabeth Hurley showed off her toned bikini body yet again! The 54-year-old stunned in the blue two piece as she enjoyed the sunny weather.

Elizabeth Hurley, 54, Stuns In A Turquoise Blue Bikini During At-Home Photo Shoot — Hollywood Life

The nurse is serving the coroners after B’Kini!

A strange thing happened in the city of Tula in central Russia. A nurse serves at a medical center after BKini in a corona center in the city. The film went viral within moments of its release via social media. Then began the discussion and criticism. It is learned that the picture of the nurse went viral on social media Twitter last Wednesday (May 20). After the picture went viral, the nurse said she was having a hard time caring for patients in the scorching heat. So without finding a way, PPE later moved to BKini to serve patients. However, no patient objected to the nurse’s behavior.

Do not make Bangladesh one room in the world?

The fact that Bangladesh has decided to keep the information secret and limited in order to deal with Corona could be suicidal for Bangladesh. The Ministry of Health of Bangladesh has adopted a strategy of appeasing the government policy makers by showing limited number of tests, limited number of infected, limited number of deaths and complacency. Experts say that the cost of this strategy may have to be paid to Bangladesh in the long run. If Bangladesh is not completely free of corona or cannot cope with the corona infection in Bangladesh on the basis of credible data, then Bangladesh may once again be isolated in the world like during the BNP-Jamaat alliance period. It may be difficult for the people of Bangladesh to travel to different countries of the world. Let’s see what kind of damage can be done to Bangladesh if Bangladesh fails to deal with Corona, conceals information or if Corona stays in Bangladesh for a long time.
Travel abroad will be closed
Corona As long as Corona is present in Bangladesh, it is almost certain that international planes will not come to Bangladesh and it is also certain that those countries will not allow any Bangladeshi plane to land. As a result, Bangladesh will be cut off from the rest of the world. Because one of the issues of Corona is clear, because it is highly contagious, the country in which Corona has a presence will have to cut off communication with other countries. Especially for European-American countries, the entry of Bangladesh will be closed until the corona infection is completely stopped in Bangladesh.
People from other countries will be reluctant to come
Almost all the people of Europe including USA and UK have already left Bangladesh. If the Corona situation in Bangladesh is not ‘credibly’ normal, they will not return to Bangladesh. If they come to Bangladesh late, it will affect Bangladesh’s investment, trade and other important relations with these countries and Bangladesh will be in a one-stop shop.
Immigration will collapse
Meanwhile, a large number of people have returned to Bangladesh due to the Corona situation. The reality is that it was because of them that the corona infection started in Bangladesh. Now it is quite certain that these countries will not take all these migrants if the situation in Bangladesh is not normal. Because the way Corona has hurt Europe-America, they will be much more cautious. As a result, it will be difficult for these migrants to return to their workplaces and it will take Bangladesh a step further.

May refuse to take export products including garments
Our garment owners have done the second damage after the immigrants due to the Corona situation. They said that the foreign buyers will leave and the desperate attempt to open their garments in the midst of this corona to keep the foreign buyers is noticeable. But the reality is that if the corona situation in Bangladesh is not normal, then the food, clothing or any other export product of Bangladesh will not be taken by the tax free countries and they can interfere with this. Because there are various rumors and myths about how corona infection occurs. So no one wants to take a risk. As a result, if Corona is not completely eradicated, the garment sector, including the garment sector, will be at the highest risk, and the world market could be in jeopardy.
Distrust in the international arena due to the availability of credible information
At one time the image of Bangladesh in the world was very negative. Especially during the BNP-Jamaat period. At that time it was said that the information of Bangladesh was not credible and due to the absence of this credible information Bangladesh was viewed negatively. Now a credibility has been created in Bangladesh due to the exchange of information and free access to information. But in the Corona period, there is a game of hiding, concealing and manipulating information and if it continues and people outside the country do not have credible information about Corona, they will have distrust in Bangladesh, distrust and that will make Bangladesh isolated. It will take you one step further.
So Corona is not just a public health problem, we need to take the right, credible and practical steps to deal with Corona. As if Bangladesh’s position in the world is restored to its previous place and if we hide and conceal information in dealing with Corona, then there is a possibility that Bangladesh will become one in the world.

This picture of Chittagong has taken place in Wisden

Photograph by Chittagong photographer Rayhan, found at Wisden. Taken from the Guardian
Making a name for Wisden is a big deal for the cricketers. Many cricketers have dreamed of performing in Wisden throughout their career. But despite many brilliant times in his career, the magazine did not become a star. In this elite magazine, Bangladesh has been ranked as the only cricketer till now in the 20th edition like Tamim Iqbal.
The name of Bangladesh has risen again in Wisden in the 2020 edition. However, no cricketer was named. The name of a photographer has risen. There is a picture of three teenagers playing cricket in Bangladesh. The 7th edition of the Wisden Cricketers Almanac was released on Wednesday. Chittagong got the best photo in that place.

In a joint venture with the MCC, Wisden invites photographers from all over the world. Responding to the call, the latest version has submitted a total of 2,500 pictures. From there, there are 5 pictures. This photo was taken by Rajiv Raihan of Bangladesh. On Wednesday, the British media ‘Guardian’ released those five pictures on Wisden’s short list. However, the photo taken by the Bangladeshi photographer was ‘covered’ by the photo gallery.
Rajiv’s photo is from Fishery Ghat in Chittagong. There are different colored nets spreading throughout the field. Like a field carefully decorated with color. Three teenagers took out the pitch. They mean that if there is a place to bowl, bat, and there is one behind the wicket, cricket can be played. In the film, Bangladesh’s intense love or passion for cricket has grown.
Photographer Rajiv works in the Chittagong Bureau of the English Daily Daily Star. Wisden is offering him £ 20 as a reward for the film. However, recognition is greater than monetary reward.

The threat of the spread of the Corona virus among Muslims

Nizamuddin’s religious rally has sparked panic all over the country in the wake of Corona’s transmission. This is having an impact on Mustafabad, a clash of northeast Delhi. It has been reported that large numbers of residents in Mustafabad complain that the situation in their area has started to deteriorate after news of the Nizamuddin Tabalig church’s religious gathering spreading the Corona. Foreigners are threatening to evacuate the lockdown day and night. Money is being sought, people are being kidnapped, even threatening to spread the virus if they do not get it. Such incidents have been occurring for the past few days, local women complain that they are not getting any benefit even by verifying the local police. Even when the police report, the threat will be reversed, threats are heard. Delhi Police claim that they do not have such information.

Tweet from Washington Examiner (@dcexaminer)

Washington Examiner (@dcexaminer) Tweeted: Last week, reports surfaced that @BorisJohnson was more ill than Downing Street wanted to admit and that his doctors were concerned about his breathing. He is now being treated with oxygen.

Ivanka Trump… Doughter of USA (@IvankaTrump)

Check out Ivanka Trump on Twitter. Wife, mother, sister, daughter. Advisor to POTUS on job creation + economic empowerment, workforce development & entrepreneurship. Personal Pg. Views are my own

Nurses’ information about coronary patients in the ICU06 / Apr / 2020

The International Desk
A nurse described the tragic situation of patients suffering from coronavirus with life support at the Intensive Care Center (ICU). The nurse named Jack Savoy wrote on Facebook about wearing a selfie with a coronary patient while wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
Jack Sowey writes, he never wants to write such a post. But in the workplace, he can never forget the kind of experience he has undergone in the ICU of a hospital. But Corona still had to write it, noting that a large number of people weren’t giving a damn.
He also wrote that since the time when the number of coronavirus patients in our country started to increase in the UK, I read various articles online, about how to protect myself. Because as an ICU nurse I have no choice but to ensure my safety.
He also wrote that I was mentally prepared. The way the PPE needs to be worn, I am following the rules. But before coming to work here I have never been so emotionally afraid.
He said coronary patients are not normal. They do not behave like ordinary people. And this unusual behavior does not go away, as long as their corona is negative.

He said that the PPE who is seeing me in the picture, the coronary patient is usually seeing a person in this situation. When we are not, the patient is left alone. Because of this, coronary patients have been unable to behave normally until they are negative.
He said my heart was breaking again and again. I feel bad about going to work with them. At the same time, I see a longing in their eyes. The only people in their family are not allowed to come. Although they were taken to LifeSport at one point, another concern was working.
This time, mental energy is much needed. But patients with coronary heart disease have to create their own mental strength. And the nurses and doctors are helping her.
Jack Savoy urged everyone to stay home to avoid this dire situation. He said that from the nurses to the hospital staff, patients suffering from coronary disease are entering into the cabin. Me and my colleagues are tired. Fear is working in us too. We will continue to work in the public health crisis after that. Regardless of the situation, we will fight for patients every day. But please do not make our fight any more difficult by getting out of the house and infecting others without need. Bless you
One comment below Jack’s Facebook post, that you and your colleagues are really heroes. Thank you very much for what you are doing. Stay safe even for your family. Source: Mirror

Corona did not panic, the body of the father of four daughters05 / Apr / 2020, 21:

Coronavirus has changed the whole world. People’s behavior is changing too. Feeling of being infected is diminishing the sense of fear. That is why many heartbreaking scenes are taking place in many parts of the world.
As it happened in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, India. No one came forward to take the body of a coronavirus victim to the crematorium. In the end, four of the mourners took the father’s body to the cremation ground.
Indian media reported in the Times of India that the deceased’s name was Sanjay Kumar (5). Sanjay Kumar, a resident of Tea-Healing in Numesh Maidan, Aligarh, was a tea vendor by profession. He had been suffering from tuberculosis for quite some time. He was trying to cure his disease by taking medicines from a government hospital in a world of scarcity. One daughter has been married, leaving her studies due to lack of four daughters.

Recently Sanjay’s condition deteriorated. The drug was on the verge of lockdown, due to coronavirus. In this situation, he was unable to find the medicine at the government hospital. It was not possible for Sanjay to buy medicines from outside. So he could not survive.
He died of tuberculosis, but none of his relatives approached Sanjay for fear of coronavirus. At the end of the show, the four girls forced to take the body to the shoulder. Crying takes the body to the cremation ground. They are the last of Surrey.
Local news has been criticized after the news spread. Many people have raised the question of what the administration has done, even though ordinary people have shown ‘social distance’ in the coronavirus panic. Many are wondering what will happen to his four daughters after Sanjay’s death.

Tiger Shroff reveals he was more worried about people’s safety than the box office success of Baaghi 3 | Hindi Movie News – Times of India

This is not my first rodeo (real talk about getting through this) — InBLOGnito

I’m going to share my story in the hope that it will help you count the blessings you have right now. Also, if a 25yo woman who didnt know shit about shit could make it through while in a foreign country and with access to much in the way of resources, you can make it through this.

This is not my first rodeo (real talk about getting through this) — InBLOGnito

International Transgender Day of Visibility: Sites and Resources — Discover

Today, let’s celebrate trans bloggers and share resources offering support to the trans community.

International Transgender Day of Visibility: Sites and Resources — Discover

A literary explorer’s guide to blogging — A year of reading the world

In October 2011, I registered the domain name and started this blog. I didn’t know it then, but the website would change my life. The original quest to read a book from every country in the world in a year turned out to be mind-blowing in ways I’d never anticipated: it reconfigured my imagination, […]

A literary explorer’s guide to blogging — A year of reading the world

Map of Corona data in Bangladesh05 / Apr / 2020, 00:

The map has been created to give an opportunity to take a closer look at the corona situation across the country. The map lists the lockdown area as well as information on humanity activities of various individuals or organizations, including news of Corona’s suspected death, information on local hospitals, quarantines and isolation. There is a ‘seek help’ button to get help in times of danger. Anyone can click on the ‘Pin Suggestion’ button to add various information about the Coronation area to the map. In this regard, Dear Chief Executive Zakaria Swapan said that the map was being updated daily by checking the news available from various sources. As a result, no one can add false or false information to the map. Not only that, if someone gives wrong information, others can complain and get deleted. The initiative is to highlight the details of Coronation through the collective participation of all. In addition to viewing the map at the address, information can be added to the area itself.

Coronavirus is doing unusual damage to the brain!

Corona infections cause new symptoms. New symptoms like diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, redness of eyes, new eyes like pink eyes are waking up in corona infection. Experts say so. Though not breathing, it is requested to seek medical advice if these symptoms occur with colds, coughs, fever.
Loss of taste and nausea are new symptoms of coronavirus. Multiple coronary patients with this symptom have begun to be admitted to different parts of the world. Especially in America, the symptoms are most commonly seen in coronary patients. Most coronary infections are currently in the United States.

Loss of digestion is another important symptom of coronavirus. Due to which diarrhea symptoms appear in the body of the victims. Another important symptom of coronary infection is pink eye. However, these symptoms are rarely seen in the patient’s body. One to three percent of coronary patients have a tendency to turn pink. There are also things happening with her eyes.
And this time, it is said that coronary patients are seeing another new symptom. Some patients also have neurological problems with colds, coughs, fever. Doctors have observed that in some patients, neurological problems can also be a sign of coronavirus infection. Some coronary patients have had itching. In some patients, coronavirus also caused abnormal damage to the brain. Researchers report this data based on new reports from different countries.
Source: BGR.

China will no longer give drugs to the United States?

The pandemic of coronavirus pervades the whole world. Mass panic has created in the public. And with the deadly corona, mud is going on every day. China has warned that it will not give the United States any drugs to fight Corona.
China supplies most of the US antibiotics and other drugs. According to data provided by the Chinese Commerce Department, the United States imports ibuprofen 3%, hydrocortisone 5%, acetaminophen 5%, penicillin 3% to 5% and heparin 4% to China. In all, 8% of antibiotics in the United States are supplied from China. Health experts say the current state of China is extremely fragile.
In this situation, there is a shortage of drugs and it is not possible to produce the necessary medicines. Meanwhile, India and the European Union are playing a negative role in supplying drugs worldwide. In that case, China was the only trust. On the other hand, the Trump administration is pushing for the United States to produce drugs again in China. For the past two decades, drugs were exported from the United States to China and other countries.

Earlier, Trump had agreed to pay a large sum of money to a German research firm to make the Corona virus vaccine for the United States, but they did not agree. The German Health Minister has made it clear that Germany will not be sold to Trump’s proposal. Kurvac, a German-based company, is trying to create a vaccine to prevent the Corona virus. The United States and Germany are in conflict over this.
Citing an unsupported official source, the Welt am Sonntag report shows that US President Trump has offered German scientists a large sum of money just to make vaccines for the United States. In the meantime, Trump wants to ensure monopoly rights over their work. However, Kurvac has ruled out the possibility of reaching an agreement with the United States.
“We want to make vaccines for the whole world, not for any single country,” Christophe Hetich, head of Hop Bio Tech Holding, the largest investor in Qurvac, told the newspaper Mannheimer Morton on Sunday (March 8th).
German Health Minister Janssen Spahn made similar hints in an interview to state television. Qurevac has been in talks with the government for the past two weeks, he said.

Coronavirus Spreads US Army: China Demands

US Army Corps Spreads Coronavirus In China The top official of the Chinese Foreign Ministry claimed that. He said it was not a coronavirus house. Rather, the virus has spread from the United States. In the midst of the global epidemic, China has made explosive claims.
Coronavirus is not just death germs, but chemical fertilizers created by the structure of the gene, or the Americans have reported. Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Zhao Lijian wrote on Twitter on Thursday that the Coronavirus had spread to US troops. They are hiding information about this.

He said, who is Zero Patient in the United States? How many are being treated and in some hospitals? What are the names of those hospitals? The United States is hiding these things. He called on the United States to release the information.
Zhao claims that at least five US Army athletes attended the seventh Military World Games held in Wuhan in October last year. Only then did some of them become infected with the flu. Some died later. At that time it was said that the soldiers had died of fever or infectious disease. Later it was reported that they were all infected with coronavirus.
Hiccup has begun in the world only after the Chinese demand. Robert Redfield, director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), admits that the deadly virus was found in the blood of US troops, but the virus that spreads from them is not true. He completely rejected China’s claim. Source: The StraightTimes

10 million people will be infected with coronas in a few days’02 / April / 2020

World Health Organization (WHO) chief Tedaros Adhanom Gebruysuus warned the world that under the current circumstances, the number of people with coronavirus in the world will increase to 10 million in a few days.
At a news briefing in Geneva on Wednesday, the WHO chief said, “To us, it is still a new virus. We are constantly learning about it. As the situation is changing, new information is coming, we will change our suggestions based on that. ‘
It is thought that such advice may come from the company even if it is not suggested to use the mask for so long.

A 13-year-old minor raped on the street in a lockdown

Dumka: A 13-year-old minor who went out on the streets in a lockdown and gave him a heavy sigh. After being mistaken, he was taken to the jungle and charged with gang-rape against five people including his friend. The incident took place in Dumka district of Jharkhand on Tuesday. Lockdown has been in place since Sunday.
The juvenile described to the police that two of his friends took him by bike and drove him to Karudih near the village. From there she calls another friend and tells her to take her home. According to the teenager, a friend accompanied another stranger by bike and came there.
The teen said the friend said there was a knack for lockdown everywhere. So he’ll take her to the jungle with a shortcut. The teen did not object. And this is where things go wrong.

Five more strangers are waiting for them to see the juvenile in the jungle. After that, a total of 10 including his friend allegedly raped the girl. Once upon a time, the adolescent lost knowledge. The next morning, after seeing the teenage girl returning to the knowledge, she left him in the jungle.
Somehow the teenager finds himself out to some local people, who sends the news to his parents. He was immediately taken to the hospital. The girl is still undergoing treatment at the hospital.
Police reached the hospital and seized the girl’s boyfriend and filed a complaint against four people, including her friend. According to the police, an FIR has been filed and a special investigation has been launched. Soon the accused will be arrested.

Corona virus-situation-hors-de-controle-pour-ce-medecin-la-logique-de-tri-est-commencee-en-ile-de-france